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Tomoyo After ~ It's a Wonderful Life ~ Memorial Edition (PC)

Tomoyo After ~ It's a Wonderful Life ~ Memorial Edition

From the mind of Key ringleader Jun Maeda comes the story of Tomoyo Sakagami, and what happened to her after the events of the landmark visual novel Clannad. You portray Tomoya Okazaki, recently graduated from high school and seeing your friend Tomoyo in a more romantic light. You come to learn more about Tomoyo's extended family, growing closer with her and them in a drama and romance that grows around family ties. Features of this release include full voice acting (including the protagonist), scenes from the PS2 version not present in the original, the RPG Dungeons & Takafumis (a Final Fantasy-style RPG that integrates plot elements and is playable for a full and complete clear of the game) and Windows 7 certified compatibility. The definitive release of this amazing classic of the Key visual novel collection!

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Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan (Windows Game)

Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan Part 2Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan Part 2

Touhou fans who can't get enough action from the original canon games, take heart! The Touhou project has inspired dozens of epic spinoff games and this is one of the best, the second installment in circle Gatling Cat's dynamic side-scrolling action RPG platformer. Level up and face your foes as you master the game's stylish "air rave" combo attacks, fighting last bosses in bullet hell style reminiscent of the classic Touhou shooters. The game's max level is 999 with over 16 stages and dungeons where you can level up and buy items and upgrades, with dozens of hours of play value ahead - an amazing Touhou inspired game! Take a look at the youtube preview, I love it myself too!
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