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Naruto Earphone -- (Gaara Type / Uzumaki Naruto Type)

Naruto Earphone -- Gaara TypeNaruto Earphone -- Gaara Type
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Naruto Earphone -- Uzumaki Naruto Type Naruto Earphone -- Uzumaki Naruto Type
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A true Naruto fan get this earpiece. Features an inear earbud that fits comfortably into your ear while providing solid tunes from your mp3 player or iPhone. Comes with a 1 meter chord and makes for a great conversation starter.

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Graph Gear ~ Semi Hard Type Case

Graph Gear ~ Semi Hard Type CaseGraph Gear ~ Semi Hard Type Case
Designed by Elecom, one of Japan's most famous computer peripheral makers. Featuring all the space you could ask for to store your digicam with style, this sturdy case can also be used to store iPhone and iPod touch too! It's made of a soft rubberized material that will protect your electronics against being dropped, squashed in your luggage, water splashes or just about anything. Also features a cool "mountaineer's" clip for attaching to your backpack, belt etc. Measures approx. 9 x 11 cm (3.5 x 4.3 inches)...
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iPod nano Evangelion Casing - Red Asuka Type

Evangelion iPod nano Case -- Red Asuka Type
Evangelion iPod nano Case -- Red Asuka Type
Is your iPod nano looking old and crappy? Then this Evangelion ipod casing is for you~ Make your ipod look new and unique again with this red Asuka's version of ipod casing!
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