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ROCKMAN : Blues Plastic Kits *Preorder*

ROCKMAN : Blues Plastic Kits
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USB Webmail Notifier

This mail notifier connects to your private e-mail account, when you cannot, to let you know when you have mail! It can tell you how many un-read e-mails you have so you can sneak off to the bathroom to check them on your blackberry when you see you have a lot! USB powered, there is no need for batteries. Oh and did we mention the soft blue, red or green illuminators?
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GEM Series Naruto Shippuden 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hatake Kakashi (Limited Edition)

Mega House's GEM series is a collection of the coolest men in anime/ manga. Kakashi-sensei, the model ninja is here to show you his moves. Although this is not an action figure, you can display him in various states of action. You can take his face mask off to show his mangekyou sharingan, one of the most fascinating skills in the Naruto world.

The pack comes with quite a few of Kakashi's favourite things. You can put the naughty magazine Icha Icha tactics in his hands or have him standby for battle with his shinais.
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Dragon Ball Kai DX Plush Doll: Frieza

The bizarre Dragon Ball plush series presents you with another villain - Frieza. Even the author Toriyama Akira admitted that the alien's image occurred to him in a nightmare, so nobody expect this villain to be cute and cuddly.

Even so, with the big head, large red eyes and scrawny body, Frieza's fearsomeness is lowered to the most tolerable, almost cute level. The shiny fabric that covers him captures the reptilian texture, it's cool to the touch but very smooth.
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Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Evangelion Extra Figure

Evangelion continues to live on, as it is considered the defining anime of the current generation of anime fans. This new collection by anime toy experts SEGA features the familiar Evangelion cast in elegant dresses seated on the ground. A pre-painted PVC figure with startling detail which will definitely get you excited about the new series...

Asuka Langley Evangelion Extra Figure Red Dress ver.evangelion
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Rei Ayanami Evangelion Extra Figure White Dress ver.rei ayanami
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DA_iconToshie's thoughts: Wow~ I personally like the Rei Ayanami. It looks so nice! I could be buying it. Omg omg omg~
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