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Japanese T-Shirt - Touhou Tribute

Japanese T-Shirt - Touhou TributeJapanese T-Shirt - Touhou Tribute
Touhou is a doujin (fan-created) line of shooting games that redefined the genre, with a cast of fantastically costumed heroines whose whimsical personalities have inspired an industry of Internet memes and taken Japan's otaku by storm. Now you can celebrate your Touhou fandom with this stylish T-shirt, a tribute to Touhou that parodies the Final Fantasy logo. Available in size S through 2XL! Design copyright J-List, created by Rios.
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T-Shirt "Sake-bito" (I Love Alcohol)

'Sake-bito' (I Love Alcohol) hoodytotoro shirttotoro shirt

A parody of famous shima-bito (Island-Person) designs from Okinawa, this shirt proudly proclaims you as a sake-bito, literally a "person of sake" or someone who loves to drink all forms of alcohol. (Sake, pronounced sah-KAY, can refer to normal rice wine as well as all other forms of alcohol). Hiragana characters are written beside the kanji to illustrate the pronunciation and give the shirt a unique Japanese look and feel....
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Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!

Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!

Here's an awesome new T-shirt: an original design for fans of the anime and manga Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) and the sequel, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun), featuring the popular girl Mikoto, aka "Biri Biri" (the sound of lightening crackling), due to her tendency for electrocuting people who anger her. Available in size S through 2XL. Design copyright J-List, created by Rios.
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T-Shirt "No Normal Humans" ~ Haruhi Parody

Japanese T-Shirt "No Normal Humans" ~ Haruhi Parody
Japanese T-Shirt 'No Normal Humans' ~ Haruhi ParodyJapanese T-Shirt 'No Normal Humans' ~ Haruhi Parody
haruhi suzumiyaparody shirt

What have I got to say? Isn't Haruhi Suzumiya popular? Printed on the T-shirt is "Not Interested in Normal Humans" in japanese characters along with Haruhi silhouette. Wouldn't it be interesting if you were to wear it on the streets?
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