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Ayumi Hamasaki - Crossroad [Version A CD+DVD] / Crossroad [Version C (CD)]

Track listings:
01. crossroad (Original mix)
02. SEVEN DAYS WAR (Original mix)
03. blossom (remix)
04. blossom (Orchestra version)
05. crossroad (Original mix -Instrumental-)
06. SEVEN DAYS WAR (Original mix -Instrumental-)

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Boku No Miteiru Fukei


Boku No Miteiru Fukei

Movin on

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iTunes Japan Music Card

iTunes Japan Music CardiTunes Japan Music Card
Apple's iTunes Music Store is incredibly popular in Japan, with hundreds of thousands of tracks of great music from Japan available for 150 or 200 yen per song. For fans of J music around the world it doesn't seem possible to buy through the Japan iTMS, without a Japanese address and credit card. There is a way, however -- using the Japanese iTunes Music Card from Apple! A prepaid card that's charged with money for music purchases, this is a great way for J-POP/J-ROCK fans all over the world to get access to Japan's top-name music directly through their Mac or PCs. More information of how to buy and operate when you click "buy" button or more info...
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Anime Mania Super Fast Version

Anime Mania Super Fast Version
Anime Mania Super Fast Version
This CD contains 30 songs of an Electronic DJ mix and Super Eurobeat mix. Split into a Nonstop Index-Mix and Strategic Version, it contains songs from Macross F, Lucky Star, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, Evangelion and other anime series as remixed by popular bands/DJs.
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Ponyo Wind Up Music Box Strap -- Ponyo Sea Friends

Ponyo Wind Up Music Box Strap -- Ponyo Sea Friends
Ponyo Wind Up Music Box Strap -- Ponyo Sea Friends
New from Sekiguchi, these Studio Ghibli music boxes are windable joy for Ghibli lovers. Winding up the key behind it and it will entertain you a joyful song. A sturdy plastic material case enclosed with a sculpture of Ponyo from the film, it's a collectors item that's sure to be enjoyed for years....
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