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APB558 How to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon Design

How to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon DesignHow to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon Design
If you've ever thought about how manga artists can convincingly take a the human form from its photographic realism to the super-deformed versions we see, and keep their character still so vivid, natural and charming, this "how to draw" book was meant for you. Starting from the basics of actual human anatomy, the book takes you step by step in showing the helpful proportions of reality and how those can be altered for dramatic, comedic, or moe effect. An amazing tutorial that challenges conceptions of manga as without basis in fundamentals of anatomy - for those who believe in grasping the basics before moving in a more fanciful direction, or for those trying to make their chibi characters look more realistic, this helpful instructional book is for you. Packed with so many vivid illustrations that knowledge of Japanese is not necessary to learn a lot! B5 size, perfect bound, 128 pages, from Hobby Japan publishing.

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Fundamentals of Manga Design

Fundamentals of Manga Design ~ Manga no Kihon DessinFundamentals of Manga Design ~ Manga no Kihon Dessin

This manga tutorial book is more than meets the eye! If you're looking for a single definintive resource on how to draw characters from A to Z, this is the place to go. From basic composition (how many "heads" high to draw the character for various effects), through to faces, age differences, body posture, costumes and much more, the book's 192 pages cover every element of character design and drawing in exhaustive detail - complete with hundreds of illustrations crafted to show just how it's done, and editorial notes in clear, concise Japanese....
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Comic Rex Sep 2010

Comic Rex Sep 2010Comic Rex Sep 2010
comic rexkanpachi
Enjoy this new issue of Comic REX, offering 600+ pages of quality manga written with furigana pronunciations (making it recommended for those studying Japanese) and printed in the satisfying "phone book" format that are great to read. Currently running more than 20 manga offerings, including Idol Master, Chipiroba, Crow, LL Sister, Eden* (Eden Star), plus the talked-about new spin-off from Kannagi called Kanpachi.
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