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Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02

Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02
pixivquarterly pixivpixiv
The second issue of Quarterly Pixiv is here, and if anything it improves on the first. Pixiv is the international Japanese language artist social networking community where anyone can join and become famous if their work is good enough, and this magazine features the best through the sponsorship of a variety of themed contests as well as creator interviews, galleries, and tutorials. This volume's contests are "Hatsune Miku: Append", a whole new look at the famous Vocaloid virtual idol by dozens of talented artists, and a "Swimsuit" themed contest, which wide open as you'd expect, produces plenty of pleasing results....
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Neon Genesis Evangelion Anima Visual Book

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Railway Girls and Scenery ArtBook ~ Tetsudou Shojo Hyakkei

Railway Girls and Scenery Pictorial Book ~ Tetsudou Shojo Hyakkei
Railway Girls and Scenery Pictorial Book ~ Tetsudou Shojo Hyakkei
railway girlsillustrationrailway girls
This fantastic artbook combines all three elements, bringing well known train photojournalist Yano Naomi to write the scenarios and flavor text as well as picking the canvas backdrop scenes for artistic interpretation by some of Japan's greatest bishoujo artists.... 64 gorgeous full-color A4 size pages, perfect bound, from Ichijinsha Publishing. Personally, I like the artwork and it looks somewhat like the anime "Air". I have always wanted to learn this kinda background painting and the coloring too...
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Haruhi Suzumiya illustrations ~ Spring and Summer

Haruhi Suzumiya illustrations ~ Spring and SummerHaruhi Suzumiya illustrations ~ Spring and Summer
haruhi suzumiyaharuhi suzumiyaillustrations
The first definitive collection of artwork from the Haruhi Suzumiya anime is here! Featuring all of the promotional art done for the two anime series & film by the incredible illustrators at Kyoto Animation (Kyoani), this first of two books in the full compiled set focuses on seasonal artwork from the spring & summer. Featuring Haruhi, Mikuru, Nagato, Tsuruya-san, & the remainder of the Haruhi cast looking great in swimsuits, cheerleader oufits, bunny girl suits, summer yukata, school uniforms, casual summer holiday outfits, & far more - well over 100 illustrations spanning 176 full color pages of stunning archival A4-size ideal bound collector's artbook - an essential addition to the collection of any Haruhi fan, you are positive to find pics here that you haven't seen before! From Kadokawa publishing.
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