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Rei Ayanami 1/7 Figure Ballerina ver. ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion **Preorder**

Rei Ayanami 1/7 Figure Ballerina ver. ~ Neon Genesis Evangelion **Preorder**
evangelionrei ayanami
A rare and exciting Rei Ayanami figure dressed in a ballerina outfit is waiting to jump into your cart right now. This is pre-painted figure in 1/7th the scalen with Rei in the seated position looking delicate yet agile. An officially licensed Gainax product, this creation is by the folks at Kotobukiya that measures 11.5 cm (4.5 inches). Surely a treat for Neon Genesis Evangelion fans who love to catch Rei in casual real-life situations.

This is a preorder that's scheduled for release in January 2011.

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Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Evangelion Extra Figure

Evangelion continues to live on, as it is considered the defining anime of the current generation of anime fans. This new collection by anime toy experts SEGA features the familiar Evangelion cast in elegant dresses seated on the ground. A pre-painted PVC figure with startling detail which will definitely get you excited about the new series...

Asuka Langley Evangelion Extra Figure Red Dress ver.evangelion
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Rei Ayanami Evangelion Extra Figure White Dress ver.rei ayanami
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DA_iconToshie's thoughts: Wow~ I personally like the Rei Ayanami. It looks so nice! I could be buying it. Omg omg omg~

Neon Genesis Evangelion super SD Figure: Asuka Langley & Ayanami Rei

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Such an adorable Asuka figure, your definately missing out if your not getting it! Also don't foget to get Rei as her company as well~

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Rei is looking cute here! Her eyes is like saying "Bring me home please...". Adopt her now~ ^^"

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