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Tales of Graces F (PS3)

Tales of Graces F is not a mere port of the original Nintendo™ Wii version, it expands the Efinea world and includes the epilogue of the game. This brand new branch of the plot takes place half a year after the great war, where Richard and Asbel become King and mayor respectively.

Everyone has found a place in the new system, yet, not all is good and well. A new mysterious force is threatening the world. Come again, even if you've saved the world once.

Every character gets new skills and ougis, and there is a new fight mode - Accel Mode that make your attacks that much more powerful. Inomata Mutsumi, the original character designer created new costumes for the characters. Richard becomes a full time playable character here and opens up much more battle strategy and options.
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Tales of Phantasia ~ Narikiri Dungeon X (PSP)

Tales of Phantasia ~ Narikiri Dungeon XTales of Phantasia ~ Narikiri Dungeon X

Featuring the distinctive designs of Kosuke Fujishima, the Tales series is Bandai/Namco's premiere console RPG experience. This latest entry for the PSP combines a significantly upgraded remake of Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon (originally released for the Game Boy Color) with a remake of the original Tales of Phantasia for the PSP, the beloved first game in the series. Combat is governed via an upgraded version of the 2D sprite / 3D background system the games are known for, with the main characters able to change abilities and equipment portfolios based on changes of costume - with over 80 costumes in the game, unprecidented strategy is possible. Free navigation around the 3D combat terrain is also a new feature of the upgraded engine. Fans of the Tales series games will love the new look at a couple of classic titles, so well done that it's worth revisiting even without the new content specially made for the PSP version. With two full games on disc, this is an epic RPG experience not to be missed!
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Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6

Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6
Fans of Tales of Symphonia will be pleased with this offering by the folks at Kotobukiya. Part of the One Coin Figure collection this is a basic set of six prepainted and preassembled figures focus on popular characters from the series, each one posed, ready and armed with their favorite weapon. Each figure measures approximately 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) and comes with a "coin" like platform for you to proudly display.
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Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X (PSP)

The lone fairy Etos wandered around the world, in search for his friends. However, after long long time of journeying, still, none of his friends were to be found.

And slowly, the fairy lost his power. Appearing before the weakening fairy was a mysterious woman named Norun. In return for her nursing and kindness, Etos took over the responsibility of her two charges Duos and Meru as a surrogate parent.

Life was peaceful, Etos was a wonderful parent figure if not over-protective. However, one day, when the children reached 13, Norun's messenger appeared to inform Etos that the two children are born with the power of Narikiri- they are people who acquire skills just by dressing in the costumes of a certain job class.

Become one of the children and use your powers to help others and adventure in this great big world. Besides the Narikiri game, the disc also comes with Tales of Phantasia X edition - a re-release of the 2006 portable version with an updated battle system.
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