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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (DS)

  • Continue the galaxy-altering journey of Starkiller, Darth Vader's fugitive apprentice, that shapes the key events between Star Wars: Episode III and Episode IV
  • Unleash the Force with more power and precision through improved controls and new powers, such as the deceptive Mind Trick, which turns enemies against their allies
  • Discover the true power of Starkiller with Force Fury, where his attacks and Force powers are exponentially increased
  • Improved targeting system enhances precision use of Force powers and greater interaction with puzzles and the environment
  • Take combat to the next level with the ability to wield dual lightsabers and punish enemies with all-new combo attacks
  • Experience the most life-like interactions with Pixelux Entertainment's Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) coupled with euphoria from Natural Motion Ltd and the powerful Havok Physics system
  • Skillfully manage your combat techniques to defeat a variety of brand-new enemies, which will culminate in epic boss battles
  • Immerse yourself once again in the story that was honored with awards from the Writer's Guild of America and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science
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Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC - DVD)

Release Date tba.
Genre RPG
Version  US
  ESRB Rating Pend
Rating Pending - submitted to the ESRB and are awaiting final rating.
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Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Figure Set of 4

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Figure Set of 4 Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star x Street Figure Set of 4
From the wacky and popular anime series Lucky Stars (which originally started as a four panel comic) comes this fun figure collection courtesy of the Good Smile Company. Terrific sculpting and paint work having been put into these excellent figures, featuring the full cast characters. A full set of four figures, with a kawaii Street Fighter Theme! This package includes Konata Izumi (Guile), Kagami Hiiragi (Ryu), Tsukasa Hiiragi (Ken) and Miyuki Takara (C.Viper). The figures vary in size ranging from 5 to 8 cm (2 - 3 inches) and come to you prepainted, ready to display out of the box. You can also pose them too due to some points of articulation! Great for fans of gashapon, puchi Nendoroids, and shokugan toys.
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