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GEM Series Naruto Shippuden 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Hatake Kakashi (Limited Edition)

Mega House's GEM series is a collection of the coolest men in anime/ manga. Kakashi-sensei, the model ninja is here to show you his moves. Although this is not an action figure, you can display him in various states of action. You can take his face mask off to show his mangekyou sharingan, one of the most fascinating skills in the Naruto world.

The pack comes with quite a few of Kakashi's favourite things. You can put the naughty magazine Icha Icha tactics in his hands or have him standby for battle with his shinais.
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Hetalia x Hitsuji De Oyasumi Series Vol.4 Usagi No Shigoto Wa Chigattemo Onaji Tsuki No Shita De Oyasumi

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Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Series 10: Takamachi Nanoha

Carefully sewed according to her new image in the Nanoha movie, Nanoha, the title character is the tenth in the Nendoroid plush collection. Like Fate, you can position the hair and the arms and put the Raising Heart in her hand.

Get Fate as well for a the full magical girl effect. Set against the cool and serious Fate, Nanoha seems even cuter and sweeter.
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Nendoroid Plus Plush Series 2: Hatsune Miku (Re-run) Gift

The cybernetic Diva is back, this time, not only as a chibi-fied Nendoroid, but as a soft, cuddly plush. Her teal green hair is made of furry fabric that's cool to the touch. Run your hands down her hair and feel its smoothness.

The small details, such as the digital signals on her bodice and the chain around her waist are perfectly sewn on, so put her in a prominent place on your display shelf or on the best place in your bedroom, she deserves the attention....
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