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Macross Collection Part 3 Pre-Painted Trading Figure

More pilots and songstresses are available for you to take home. The 3rd volume of the Macross Collection. contains Lynn Minmei the eternal idol, Maximillian and Shamy Miliom, the girl decked in flowers, Isamu Dairin, and the VS-12 Cockpit. With both the stars and the under-appreciated characters, you can create Macross history.
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Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Figure Part 3

Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Figure Part.3 Set of 3Nendoroid Petit Bakemonogatari Figure Part.3 Set of 3bakemono gataribakemono gatari
Enjoy this cool and colorful set of petite Nendoroid figures featuring the characters of the popular Bake Monogatari series. Brought to you by the Good Smile Company, this is part 3 of the series, a full set of 8 figures are fully painted PVC figures ready for play or display as a diorama to recreate your own concert. Each figure is fully painted and measures approximately 6.5 cm (2.6 inches). This purchase is for a full set of characters (three featured in this version) which include the Karen and Tsukihi Aragi (sisters) and Shinobu Oshino. A great shokugan/ gashapon like product that all fans will love.
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Kuttsuki Boshi Part 1

A voiceless trailer for Kuttsukiboshi - the third anime project coming from the indie company Primastea (after Isshoni Sleeping / Training with Hinako), planned as a two-part OVA. "Part I" is directed, written and animated by Naoya Ishikawa (Binchou-tan, Docchimo Maid), with music by Shunsuke Morita, and centers around two girls' "risky" summer vacation together, yuri style...
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