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Touhou Project -- Cirno (Chiruno) Costume set ~ size L

Touhou Project -- Cirno (Chiruno) Costume set ~ size LTouhou Project -- Cirno (Chiruno) Costume set ~ size Ltouhou project
Cirno (Chiruno) is a fairy with the power to manipulate the cold. For anyone that absolutely loves the world of the Touhou Project, and love to cosplay as their characters, here's a great costume of Cirno for you made available by the folks at Joybank. This purchase is for a Large sized version that comes as a four piece set, a ribbon, head dress, blouse and a onepiece dress. For more info on measurements, click the "buy it" or more info link....

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Miku Hatsune - Project Diva - 2nd Nonstop Mix Collection


カラフル x メロディ

Filling this CD are Miku, Rin, Len and Ruka's voice. Fans of Vocaloids should not miss this complete collection of songs~ The DVD consists of the full version of music videos from Ryo's (Supercell) Kocchi Muite Babdy and kz's (livetunes) Yellow. More surprises awaits you within the package!

Track List:

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Touhou Project x iPhone 3G/3GS Cover Case Designed by Chihiro

Touhou Project x iPhone Cover Case Designed by Chihiro
Otakus are gonna love it! This iPhone case features various characters from the Touho Project on back of the case. Designed to fit securely on your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS without a problem, it is made of a hard poly carbonate material. Although it doesn't come with a touch screen protector, it will not interfere with your current touch screen protector.
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Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan (Windows Game)

Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan Part 2Touhou Project ~ Touhou Katsugeki Kidan Part 2

Touhou fans who can't get enough action from the original canon games, take heart! The Touhou project has inspired dozens of epic spinoff games and this is one of the best, the second installment in circle Gatling Cat's dynamic side-scrolling action RPG platformer. Level up and face your foes as you master the game's stylish "air rave" combo attacks, fighting last bosses in bullet hell style reminiscent of the classic Touhou shooters. The game's max level is 999 with over 16 stages and dungeons where you can level up and buy items and upgrades, with dozens of hours of play value ahead - an amazing Touhou inspired game! Take a look at the youtube preview, I love it myself too!
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