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One Piece : Nami Tin Clock *Preorder*

One Piece : Nami Tin Clock

麦わらの一味の航海士で、お金・お宝に目がない美女、ナミがクラシカルな盤面にデザインされた時計!! 缶バッジを大きくしたような 250mm の大型時計なので、彼女の美しさが存分に堪能できちゃいます! ナミさんにメロメロな君なら手にいれるしか無いアイテム!!
サイズ: 直径25cm
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One Piece: Excellent Model "Strong Edition" Nami Ending Version

One Piece:Nami Ending Version
One Piece: Excellent Model "Strong Edition" Nami Ending Version

大ヒット映画『STRONG WORLD』から、P.O.P“STRONG EDITION”の第六弾が登場。 映画のラストシーンで登場するナミを、劇中同様の爽やか&セクシーなイメージで立体再現します。印象深い音貝が付属するほか、一部にクリア素材を使用してフィギュアとしての面白みを追求するなど、ファンならずとも必携の商品となっています。

Size of about 210mm. 1:8 Scale pre-painted PVC figure.

サイズ約210mm 1/8 スケールPVC製塗装済み完成品

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One Piece Playing Cards

Do you eat, sleep and breathe One Piece? Now you can play One Piece too with this deck of playing cards by Ensky AMADA Creative Factory. 53 characters are illustrated with a sketch like style on each of the cards with the back...
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Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6

Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6Tales of Symphonia One Coin Figure Basic Set of 6
Fans of Tales of Symphonia will be pleased with this offering by the folks at Kotobukiya. Part of the One Coin Figure collection this is a basic set of six prepainted and preassembled figures focus on popular characters from the series, each one posed, ready and armed with their favorite weapon. Each figure measures approximately 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) and comes with a "coin" like platform for you to proudly display.
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One Piece: Gigant Battle (DS)

Recruit your own crew and take them to a face-off with all the greatest pirates in One Piece. One Piece Gigant Battle will take you to all the locations in the anime, from the booby trap filled ships to the oddly shaped islands.

You can fight one to one, or drag your friends into the fray. Turn on your Wi-Fi and a party of four can join in. Cooperate with another friend to do a tag battle or just jump into the chaos and do a battle royale. It's your stage, your fight, your style.
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