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Angel Beats! Japanese ASCII Keyboard **Preorder**

Angel Beats! Japanese ASCII Keyboard **Preorder**
For anyone who must have everything Angel Beats related, here's one that we're sure will knock your socks off. This fully functional ASCII keyboard is actually decorated with Angel from the Angel Beats series! Connects with a USB and works with a PC or Mac. As for any keyboard, the letters and numbers are written on the key, but aren't too distractive to the image. Made by the folks at Surfer's Paradise....
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DA_iconToshie's thoughts: This is only for the real collecters! It's a very custom computer keyboard for the true fans of Angel Beats. Beware~

Japanese T-Shirt - Touhou Tribute

Japanese T-Shirt - Touhou TributeJapanese T-Shirt - Touhou Tribute
Touhou is a doujin (fan-created) line of shooting games that redefined the genre, with a cast of fantastically costumed heroines whose whimsical personalities have inspired an industry of Internet memes and taken Japan's otaku by storm. Now you can celebrate your Touhou fandom with this stylish T-shirt, a tribute to Touhou that parodies the Final Fantasy logo. Available in size S through 2XL! Design copyright J-List, created by Rios.
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Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!

Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!Japanese T-Shirt - Warning, Electric Shock!

Here's an awesome new T-shirt: an original design for fans of the anime and manga Toaru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magical Index) and the sequel, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun), featuring the popular girl Mikoto, aka "Biri Biri" (the sound of lightening crackling), due to her tendency for electrocuting people who anger her. Available in size S through 2XL. Design copyright J-List, created by Rios.
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Japanese Socks Glue

Socks GlueSocks Gluesock touch

Ever wonder how those japanese high school girls wear outrageously oversized socks(loose socks) while keeping them from falling down? You guessed it -- they use "socks glue" (also called sock-tachi in Japanese). These authentic socks glue are straight from Japan -- an incredible handy water-based glue that you apply to your calf to ensure your socks don't fall down. They go great with the authentic high school uniforms we carry, or your next awesome cosplay! Also great for sticking "over knee socks" or thighhigh stockings for creating the perfect zettai ryoiki look, or for using with our Matsukameya school uniforms. Great for gifts especially to your cosplay mates as they are really useful and light on your wallet^^
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