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Pullip : Ludmila

Pullip : Ludmila

- トランプモチーフのトリッキーなパーティーファッション。
- アレンジのしやすい明るいレッドのストレートヘアと、それを際立たせる大きなファーの髪飾り。
- 鮮やかなブルーの瞳とアイシャドーが妖艶な雰囲気を演出。
- ダブルカラーの羽飾りが付いたベルベット調の帽子は豪華そのもの。
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Dragon Ball Kai DX Plush Doll: Frieza

The bizarre Dragon Ball plush series presents you with another villain - Frieza. Even the author Toriyama Akira admitted that the alien's image occurred to him in a nightmare, so nobody expect this villain to be cute and cuddly.

Even so, with the big head, large red eyes and scrawny body, Frieza's fearsomeness is lowered to the most tolerable, almost cute level. The shiny fabric that covers him captures the reptilian texture, it's cool to the touch but very smooth.
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Nendoroid Vocaloid Plush Doll Series 10: Takamachi Nanoha

Carefully sewed according to her new image in the Nanoha movie, Nanoha, the title character is the tenth in the Nendoroid plush collection. Like Fate, you can position the hair and the arms and put the Raising Heart in her hand.

Get Fate as well for a the full magical girl effect. Set against the cool and serious Fate, Nanoha seems even cuter and sweeter.
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Bon Voyage Rilakkuma XL Plush Doll: Rilakkuma , Korilakkuma


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The fabric used are even softer and the plush bears and even more comfortable to hold. You can even place them behind your back and use them as cushions.
  • Official Rilakkuma Plush Doll
  • Size: approx.45cm
  • Limited availability
Both items on offer now! Don't missed out~

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