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Macross Collection Part 3 Pre-Painted Trading Figure

More pilots and songstresses are available for you to take home. The 3rd volume of the Macross Collection. contains Lynn Minmei the eternal idol, Maximillian and Shamy Miliom, the girl decked in flowers, Isamu Dairin, and the VS-12 Cockpit. With both the stars and the under-appreciated characters, you can create Macross history.
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Shin Kenki Samurai Sword Collection Full Set of 12 and more

Shin Kenki Samurai Sword Collection Full Set of 12 Shin Kenki Samurai Sword Collection Full Set of 12

samurai sword  samurai sword

ninja samurai sword
Japan is nothing if not meticulous, and you can see their attention to detail in many places, including excellent detailed miniature toys by companies like Re-Menta and others. The Shin Kenki Samurai Sword series is among the more famous and elegant models created, dominating the attention of many collectors here in Japan. This purchase is for a new full set of collectibles which feature 10 different modeled swords with 2 secret ones. Each comes with a stand, and background to proudly display. Made out of a combination of stainless steel and PVC, they are 1/6th the scale and measure from 15-20 cm (5.9 - 7.8 inches). The swords are actually in the sheath and can actually be pulled out to admire as well. A truly one of a kind collection by the folks at Toki Meki. This is perfect for fans of 'Mononofu' miniature sword replicas.
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There are also individual swords selling at very low price! They are also great items for gifts! Don't missed them out~
'O-Tachi' DX Long Samurai Sword Keychain -- Black Sheath'O-Tachi' Long Samurai Sword Keychain -- SilverSamurai Sword Key Chain -- Black'O-Tachi' Long Samurai Sword Keychain -- GoldfindSimilar

Hanayakayo, Wagaichizoku Official Visual Fan Book (B's Log Collection)

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Toys Works Collection 2.5 - To Aru Majutsu no Index Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Trading Figure

No matter how powerful a character is, once they have been chibi-fied, they are cute, sweet and funny. The Niitengo - To Aru Majutsu no Index series brings you the most powerful magicians and espers from the anime series.

The essence of their characters are captured in their expressions, their costumes and weapons are crafted to the last detail...
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Miku Hatsune - Project Diva - 2nd Nonstop Mix Collection


カラフル x メロディ

Filling this CD are Miku, Rin, Len and Ruka's voice. Fans of Vocaloids should not miss this complete collection of songs~ The DVD consists of the full version of music videos from Ryo's (Supercell) Kocchi Muite Babdy and kz's (livetunes) Yellow. More surprises awaits you within the package!

Track List:

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