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Moeru Guitar Kyoushitsu ~ Guitar Learning Guide

Moeru Guitar Kyoushitsu ~ Guitar Learning Guide
If you love the music from anime and always wanted to learn to play the songs on the guitar, this awesome Moe Guitar lesson book is just what you've been looking for. The book shows you how to read the tabs and the fingering so you can play the chords. The book includes songs from PHANTOM MINDS from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st, Don't say Lazy from K-ON! (Keion), God knows... from Haruhi Suzumiya, Touch and more. And in the end, some "Moe" illustrations of the cover character are also included. Please note, some musical knowledge and background is required to read the notes and rythms.

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Hanayakayo, Wagaichizoku Official Visual Fan Book (B's Log Collection)

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Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010

Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010 Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010

Back in its second yearly incarnation, the official annal of the greatest artists of Pixiv for 2010 is here! It's hard to understate the scope of this encyclopedic directory of amazing art, with 272 full color pages featuring over 200 artists and their amazing work in digital media. Everything from painstakingly crafted pixel sprite art to panoramic vistas of postapocalyptic Japan, to the bleeding edge of fashion design and impressionistic fantasy, drawing on the work of artists from around the globe gathered in what is perhaps the most prolific creative community on the planet. Literal hours of browsing time can be spent absorbing the art printed here and gathered for the first time at resolutions that really show its quality. Perfect bound on thick archival paper, from Enterbrain Publishing.

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OTACOOL 3 ~ Worldwide WorkspacesOTACOOL 3 ~ Worldwide Workspaces

In collaboration with Danny Choo, Kotobukiya has released the second awesome volume in the Otacool series, named Otacool 3 Worldwide Workspaces. Tons of pictures featuring of the best Office/ Work Spaces from all over the world, by people that share the same passion for manga, figures, anime and Otaku culture in general. Stylish, gorgeous, sometimes crazy, it is a deep plunge in hardcore Otaku lifestyle that's designed to provide you with great ideas to decorate your work place and increase your productivity. And best of all, it's a full "bilingual book" with all text in both English and Japanese. And even includes the URLS to the blogs and websites of the participants featured in this issue. Published by Shin Kigensha.
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Ar Tonelico Visual Book

Ar Tonelico Visual BookAr Tonelico Visual Book
ar tonelicoartbookar tonelico

Ar Tonelico took the English speaking RPG world by storm when it was finally ported from the original Japanese and released in the US and abroad, both for its stunning music, innovative gameplay and certainly not the least for its stunning character designs and visuals. The artwork from all three Ar Tonelico games to date is gathered here, masterminded by character designer Nagi - every piece of promotional artwork, as well as character designs, costume designs, event CG images and much more can all be found within the pages of this handsome, A4-size perfect bound collector's artbook. 192 pages thick and full color, from Enterbrain publishing.

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