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Revoltech Queen's Blade Extra Alice

Revoltech Queen's Blade Extra Alice Revoltech Queen's Blade Extra Alice queen's blade
A beautiful Queen's Blade action figure from the Revoltech is eagerly awaiting to crawl into your cart featuring the gorgeous character of Alice from Nitro+ (Nitroplus). This is another of the popular Queen's Blade Revoltech figure series, which allows you to pose her in a variety of "interesting" ways thanks to the multiple joints of articulation design. This is a 1/12 scale model measuring 13.5 cm (5.3 inches) and includes a variety of accessories which include different expressions, spare hands, Gun/knife weapon, underwear, armor, tails, and a "pool" just to make this purchase all the more wacky.
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Broken Blade Dai 2 Sho Ketsubetsu No Michi

On the continent of Cruzon, land of magic, all people possess phenomenal: they are capable of wielding the crystals and give them the form they wish. Lygatt only exception to the rule and can not touch these machines bearing quartz with magical properties. Then a war breaks out, the young man discovers that his lack of power hides other resources that will lead to the center of the conflict.
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Queen's Blade Ustukushiki Toshi Tachi - Shingi! Elina Yuruginaki Kizuna (Blu Ray)

Original Name 
Release Date Aug 25, 2010
Screen Format 16:9
Audio Japanese Linear PCM
Subtitles None
Year 2010
Running Time 30 minutes
Genre Animation
Version  Japan

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