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Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010

Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010 Official Book Pixiv Annual 2010 ~ Pixiv Nenkan 2010

Back in its second yearly incarnation, the official annal of the greatest artists of Pixiv for 2010 is here! It's hard to understate the scope of this encyclopedic directory of amazing art, with 272 full color pages featuring over 200 artists and their amazing work in digital media. Everything from painstakingly crafted pixel sprite art to panoramic vistas of postapocalyptic Japan, to the bleeding edge of fashion design and impressionistic fantasy, drawing on the work of artists from around the globe gathered in what is perhaps the most prolific creative community on the planet. Literal hours of browsing time can be spent absorbing the art printed here and gathered for the first time at resolutions that really show its quality. Perfect bound on thick archival paper, from Enterbrain Publishing.

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Comic Rex Sep 2010

Comic Rex Sep 2010Comic Rex Sep 2010
comic rexkanpachi
Enjoy this new issue of Comic REX, offering 600+ pages of quality manga written with furigana pronunciations (making it recommended for those studying Japanese) and printed in the satisfying "phone book" format that are great to read. Currently running more than 20 manga offerings, including Idol Master, Chipiroba, Crow, LL Sister, Eden* (Eden Star), plus the talked-about new spin-off from Kannagi called Kanpachi.
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Shigenori Soejima Art Works 2004-2010

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J-League Winning Eleven 2010 Club Championship (PS2)

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