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Bakemonogatari Vol.1 Hitagi Crab [Blu-ray+CD Limited Edition]

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Sekirei ~ Pure Engagement 1 and 2 ~

Sekirei - Pure E
ngagement 1

Track Listing:

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Sekirei - Pure Engagement 2

Track Listings:

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PIECES 4 ~ HELL HOUND 01 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**

PIECES 4 ~ HELL HOUND 01 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**
The latest addition is in the works for fans of the popular artist Masamune Shirow (of Appleseed fame). This highly-anticipated collection of the work from one of Japan's most famous cyberpunk artists and storytellers is a tour-de-force publication not to be missed. PIECES 4 HELL HOUND 01 is an oversized, softcover publication in full-color, thick with CG and traditional illustration styles. Mecha, girls, guns, cyborgs and more with prevailing themes such as military, teachers, fantasy and sword wielding plus and too. Features tons of illustrations not previously released before and the color variations of other artwork from the master himself. A fantastic follow up artbook to his PIECES series.
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Space Battleship Yamato USB Flash Memory 1GB

Space Battleship Yamato USB Flash Memory 1GBSpace Battleship Yamato USB Flash Memory 1GB
A true must have for those with the yearning for anime, this fully functional USB Flash Memory well protected by the Battleship Yamato. The model measures 12 cm (4.7 inches) and rests on top of a platform for you to display and holds a 1GB flashdrive memory (simply remove the thrusters on back to reveal the connector) for use whenever you need it. Simply connect to computer through a USB connection. Runs on Windows Vista/XP and MacOS 10.1.3 and above. By the folks at Taito.

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Kuttsuki Boshi Part 1

A voiceless trailer for Kuttsukiboshi - the third anime project coming from the indie company Primastea (after Isshoni Sleeping / Training with Hinako), planned as a two-part OVA. "Part I" is directed, written and animated by Naoya Ishikawa (Binchou-tan, Docchimo Maid), with music by Shunsuke Morita, and centers around two girls' "risky" summer vacation together, yuri style...
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