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Comics/Art Books

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Reunion Files

DA_iconThis artbook recieves great amount of good reviews! Check it out~

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PIECES 4 ~ HELL HOUND 01 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**

PIECES 4 ~ HELL HOUND 01 -- Masamune Shirow **preorder**
The latest addition is in the works for fans of the popular artist Masamune Shirow (of Appleseed fame). This highly-anticipated collection of the work from one of Japan's most famous cyberpunk artists and storytellers is a tour-de-force publication not to be missed. PIECES 4 HELL HOUND 01 is an oversized, softcover publication in full-color, thick with CG and traditional illustration styles. Mecha, girls, guns, cyborgs and more with prevailing themes such as military, teachers, fantasy and sword wielding plus and too. Features tons of illustrations not previously released before and the color variations of other artwork from the master himself. A fantastic follow up artbook to his PIECES series.
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Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02

Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02Quarterly Pixiv vol. 02
pixivquarterly pixivpixiv
The second issue of Quarterly Pixiv is here, and if anything it improves on the first. Pixiv is the international Japanese language artist social networking community where anyone can join and become famous if their work is good enough, and this magazine features the best through the sponsorship of a variety of themed contests as well as creator interviews, galleries, and tutorials. This volume's contests are "Hatsune Miku: Append", a whole new look at the famous Vocaloid virtual idol by dozens of talented artists, and a "Swimsuit" themed contest, which wide open as you'd expect, produces plenty of pleasing results....
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APB558 How to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon Design

How to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon DesignHow to Draw Manga ~ Deforme ver. -- Manga no Kihon Design
If you've ever thought about how manga artists can convincingly take a the human form from its photographic realism to the super-deformed versions we see, and keep their character still so vivid, natural and charming, this "how to draw" book was meant for you. Starting from the basics of actual human anatomy, the book takes you step by step in showing the helpful proportions of reality and how those can be altered for dramatic, comedic, or moe effect. An amazing tutorial that challenges conceptions of manga as without basis in fundamentals of anatomy - for those who believe in grasping the basics before moving in a more fanciful direction, or for those trying to make their chibi characters look more realistic, this helpful instructional book is for you. Packed with so many vivid illustrations that knowledge of Japanese is not necessary to learn a lot! B5 size, perfect bound, 128 pages, from Hobby Japan publishing.

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Girl's Side 3rd Story Offical Guide Complete Edition

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